Monthly Archives: April 2014

I am so sick of being injured!!

So frustrated.  It’s now been over a month since my half and I am still struggling to walk.  I’ve hit my freak-out point with not being able to work out. The problem is, it hurts so badly ALL THE TIME that I can’t even do other types of exercise 😦

Anyway, here’s what’s going on. It started hurting 2 weeks before the race. I cross trained for those two weeks to give it a rest. I ran a great race, but it started to hurt increasingly worse starting at mile 10. The next couple days, I could barely walk.

I went to the doctor who thought it was bursitis and referred me to PT. My PT does not agree (neither did I) and seems to think it’s SI Dysfunction which is an issue with my sacroiliac joint.

I’ve been doing PT twice a week for the last 3 weeks. We do a lot of dry needling, manipulation and exercises and stretches on my own.The idea of my ultra this summer is feeling like less and less of a possibility, but I am still holding out hope! Bigger goal is to get better by the time training starts again for NYC full! 😦