Today will be a long day… I have work all day, then a class til 8:30. After that, it’s off to the airport for the red-eye to nyc.  I’ve only been back once since I moved to Denver, so I am super excited!!

Sadly, I am not as strong as I wanted to be for this race. It’s been two weeks since I ran, so I am just going to wing it on Sunday. I may not finish, but no matter what, I am just happy to be back in my city!

I am also spending the day tomorrow with Joe’s mom!! Can’t wait to see her!!

I promise plenty of instagram photos will be popping up! Follow me @lishdiver

What are you up to this weekend??

4 responses to “DEN–> JFK

  1. Have so much fun this weekend! Sorry you are not 100% but I hope you still have a good race!!

  2. Excuse me, you will absolutely finish! Just go slow and don’t race. You can totally run it, I know you can. Have a great flight and good luck Sunday! Weather should be decent.

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