TJ’s is back in my life

You can not believe how happy I am to have a Trader Joes back in my life. It’s been open for a couple weeks now and I have been there more times than I can count. haha.IMG_1977[1]

It was a crazy madhouse the first couple weeks, but the hub bub has died down and now it’s easy peaasy to get in and out.IMG_1976[1]

I thought I would just do a quick post on some of the things I got on the last trip…some are old fave’s, some are some new exciting things to try out!IMG_2038[1]IMG_2037[1]IMG_2041[1]IMG_2042[1]IMG_2039[1]

Which made this!IMG_2046[1]

If you shop at TJ’s…what are your favorite products?

10 responses to “TJ’s is back in my life

  1. You must pick up the onion rings – the best! Your pizza looks terrific. I am actually running to TJ in a little bit and you reminded me I need another crust.

  2. i hadn’t been to TJ’s in ages, until I started working at my new job this past may and basically there is one like two feet from us. i actually rarely shop there though, i know the horror. it is cheap, I should more often.

  3. I’m on my way over now for some pizza. I’ll bring the wine 😉

  4. Yayyyy for Trader Joe’s! I cannot walk out of there without at least 2 jars of their raw almond butter…it’s impossible!

  5. They really do have awesome pizza dough. I’m also a big fan of their cookies & hummus (not together of course LOL)

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