Ptarmigan Pass

Joe and I spent an amazing day in the backcountry on Sunday. We explored a new to us area near Vail Pass.  It’s about a 4 mile hike in to get to the area we wanted to ride, which took us about 3 hours. We were moving pretty quickly, but it was a pretty steep climb for a lot of the distance.DSCN0620 DSCN0616

Once we got back to the Ptarmigan Pass area, we found a good aspect and headed up to ride it down!DSCN0618 DSCN0630 DSCN0629

The weather was amazing and there were other skiiers out there enjoying the day. We were the only crazy ones that hiked the whole thing though – everyone else got in and out by snow mobile!DSCN0625 DSCN0631

After our first run down, we took a break for some lunch. I had a blister developing on my foot, so had to do some emergency foot surgery 😉DSCN0627 DSCN0628

After lunch, we took a second run on a different slope and then kept riding to see how far we could get back down the mountain.DSCN0624

We got within a mile, but had to snowshoe the rest of the way out.

It was such an awesome day and an incredible workout as always. However, Joe and I were no so smart about re-applying our sunscreen and I now have what is probably the worst sunburn of my life. I basically have white goggles around my face and the rest is lobster red… is not pretty and I am just praying it goes away before I go to NYC this weekend…ugh.

What did you do this weekend? Any other backcountry riders/skiiers out there?

2 responses to “Ptarmigan Pass

  1. Looks so fun! I need to learn how to ski…maybe need to come out there and do the bunny slopes or whatever they call them 😉 haha you are always rocking it!

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