best day ever!

Nope, not because it’s valentines day…happy V-Day by the way….but it’s because Trader Joe’s finally opens in Denver!!!

I have been living without my beloved TJ’s for the last year since I moved away from NYC.

So excited for the reunion…and you can bet I will be there later today!!!

Did anyone watch Men’s figure skating last night? Jeremy Abbott was pretty inspiring the way he got up after a major crash and pulled off an incredible routine (routine? Is that what it’s called?). Youtube it if you haven’t seen it!

Definitely need some of his strength and perseverance for the ultra in July!

Are you a TJ’s fan? What are your favorite products?

8 responses to “best day ever!

  1. This truly is a special day for you! I am excited for you to be able to get to a TJ again on a regular basis. I don’t even know what my favorites are anymore – I just like knowing I can go there and grab a bunch of stuff for a really decent price…I really do like their Coconut oil cooking spray, organic tomato paste, air popped pop corn, dark chocolate bars, onion rings, cranberry apple butter…should I continue? lol

    • haha- I feel the same way….soooo excited! It was all over the news this morning that they were expecting so many people they had police to direct traffic and monitor parking!

  2. oh you better stock up! I mean totally blow any budget today. haha

  3. I am. so. STOKED. about TJ’s!!!!! I got the flyer in the mail the Wednesday and did a little jig around my living room! I live fabulously….and dangerously close to the new store hahahah!!!

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