This is actually happening (the big announcement!)

I promised you guys a big announcement and here it is! I have signed up for an ULTRA!!!! AHHHHH! I really had my heart sent on a 50k which was suppose to take place on my birthday, however, they changed the date!

So instead, we set our sights a little higher and decided to head back to Leadville. Joe and I had so much fun doing the heavy half last year that we knew this was a solid choice. IMG_1888[1]

It may be a little hard to read, but yes….we will be running the Silver Rush 50 in July…..and that is a 50 miler….holy moly!

Here’s a little sneak peak at the elevation chart. Yup.  Scary times.IMG_1889[1]Our friend Marc will be flying in to do the race with us and hopefully my mom will come as support crew again!

So…that is the exciting news! let the training begin!!

What’s the longest distance you’ve run (race or training)?

9 responses to “This is actually happening (the big announcement!)

  1. wow now this is amazing, so happy for you though. I know you can do this but it will be such a physical challenge

  2. So incredible!! I love that you guys can do it together though, so fun!

  3. I love that you skipped right over the marathon distance and went straight for the 50! Go hard or go home, right?! haha good luck…I have no doubt that you guys will be able to conquer the distance!

    • haha- it’s a little ridiculous actually. I am totally still planning to run NYC in November, this just timed out to be first- haha.
      It’s actually a little crazy how many marathons (and longer) I will have to run training for this!

      • Back to back long runs + focusing on rest and recovery will be crucial! That sure has helped me with my back to back marathons!! I’m looking fwd to seeing how this goes for you!

  4. Um, how does one begin to train for this? So incredible! Glad you are feeling well enough again to tackle this! Awesome.

    • The training itself is pretty daunting.
      I am pretty nervous about injury prevention during this training….i definitely don’t want to go through what i did last year all over again!

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