weekend with the sis

My sister came into town last week, so I was pretty busy all weekend.  We had dinner at Proto’s on Wednesday – so far the best pizza we’ve had in Colorado 🙂IMG_1828[1]IMG_1829[1]

Thursday night, I convinced her and her fiance to come to a school skating party with me. We grabbed a bite at a local Mexican place and then it was time to get skating!IMG_1830[3]

It ended up being way more fun than I had anticipated!IMG_1833[1]IMG_1836[1]

A storm was hitting the mountains, so Joe and I called in to work and we all headed up to the mountains that night. We checked into our hotel around midnight and went to bed, excited for some fresh powder the next day.IMG_1842[1]

We snowboarded at Keystone since they got 21 inches of new snow and it was AWESOME! Way better than being at work – haha.IMG_1863[1]

The next day we stayed local and I started off with a 9 mile run…felt pretty good.IMG_1847[1]

Then we went to the first ever Chipotle! My sister is a huge fan so she was pretty adamant about checking this place out. They even gave her a free t-shirt!IMG_1850[1]IMG_1849[1]

Afterwards, we went to the Denver aquarium to check out some fish. Then we went on a little self-led brewery tour…making sure to play some games while we sampled the beer.IMG_1853[1]IMG_1854[1]IMG_1856[1]IMG_1862[1]

Sunday was spent being lazy and my sister had to catch a plane in the afternoon. We took it easy and watched the sad super bowl, but all in all it was a great weekend!

Can’t wait for them to visit again!!

6 responses to “weekend with the sis

  1. So much fun! Way to go on your run too!!

  2. well I mean she must be amazing,a fan of chipotle. haha

  3. Sounds like a great visit! I love skating too!

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