Monthly Archives: January 2014

spotted dick

Nothing says Friday like starting a post with spotted dick – haha. I found this in a store in Boulder and had to share it with you all….it’s some sort of British sponge pudding. ┬áHave you ever seen/tried it??IMG_1804[1]

Since I didn’t do WIAW this week, I thought I would at least check in with my workouts.

  • monday – 7 mile run
  • tuesday – rest
  • wednesday – 4 mile run + yoga
  • thursday – 3 mile run + arms
  • friday – rest
  • saturday – 8 mile run
  • sunday – snowboarding

Kind of the usual, but the mileage is starting to increase as my first half marathon post injury gets closer!

I would like to introduce you all to Buck – he’s a schnoodle staying with us until Monday! He’s basically a stuffed animal.IMG_1808[1]


And something much better than spotted dick is the dinner I made last night. I LOVE green curry so decided to make my own! I found a prepared sauce, so just added some chicken, asparagus, onion and carrots and served over rice…delicious!!IMG_1810[1]


What are you up to this weekend?