3 hours of work for 15 minutes of fun

On Sunday, Joe and I headed back to one of our favorites spots in Rocky Mountain National park to do a little backcountry riding. We got a little bit later start than we head intended, but we made it work.DSCN0558[1]

It was CRAZY windy, but sunny and warm, so it didn’t feel too bad. Joe can skin up on his split board, but I have to strap mine to my backpack and snow shoe up.DSCN0559[1]

We stopped for lunch in some trees about 3/4 of the way up. Hummus sandwich and hot tea for me!DSCN0557[1]DSCN0561[1]

Then we continued our trek up. When we got to the top, we packed things up and strapped on our boards. Then it was a super fun and fast ride back to the bottom.DSCN0563[1]DSCN0566[1]DSCN0565[1]

The craziest thing was that we saw a bobcat on our way out!! Our pictures turned out a little blurry because he was a little camera shy, but he looked like this….scary!!IMG_1818[1]

When we got back to Denver, we headed to the Ale House to grab a bite to eat. Flatbread appetizer followed by a chicken sandwich and cup of ale & cheddar soup…hi the spot!IMG_1817[1]IMG_1820[1]

Hoping this week goes fast-  my sister and her fiance are coming on Thursday!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!

6 responses to “3 hours of work for 15 minutes of fun

  1. is that popcorn on soup? genius idea. I hope thursday comes quick for you

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Hot tea on a snowy day is perfect! Cheers 😄

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