Dad’s visit recap!

Skipping WIAW this week to re-cap my dads visit this weekend. We had an awesome time and Joe and I got to do a bunch of stuff in and around Denver that we never have.

Starting with the National Western Stock Show…we’ve heard this is a big thing around here, but had no idea until we actually went. I never thought I would enjoy a rodeo, but it was really cool and I had SO MUCH fun!


We also went to the Denver Zoo and of course watched the Bronco’s/ Pat’s game 😦 I know I live in Denver, but I am still a Pat’s fan….nevertheless – I will root for the Bronco’s in the BOWL!IMG_1807[1]


On Monday we headed out to Boulder to the Celestial Seasonings headquarters and factory.

Sleepytime bear

Sleepytime bear

They give free tours and tastings, so we jumped on board. It was really cool to learn all about the company and the process. Also, i got to rock a pretty stylish blue hairnet. IMG_1801[1]

I picked up a tea that is only sold in the Boulder headquarters called Fast Lane. Each tea bag has the caffeine equivalent of 2 shots of espresso! I did not buy this dress made of tea bags, but it was pretty cool 🙂IMG_1794[1]The rest of the day was spent walking around/lunching in Boulder. Later that night Joe met us for dinner back in Denver (he had to work all day).

It was so great having my dad and stepmom here and can’t wait to see them again soon!! We have another visitor coming tonight too  – this is a four legged furry one!!

Do you drink tea? What is your favorite kind?


3 responses to “Dad’s visit recap!

  1. I had no idea Celestial Seasonings was in Denver! That is my favorite tea and I love the Sleepytime one! Looks like such a fun visit with your dad!

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