Friday Randoms

This Friday seemed to take a long time to come! This was a nutzo week…FYI to all of you future teachers…thing get crazy when there is a full moon. Happens every single time.

In addition to the crazy kiddos, I had the pleasure of being pulled over by the Denver Police on the way to the gym yesterday morning around 4:30am. not. fun. I’ve had a headlight out for a while so I was playing with fire.  I drove away with a warning (but, delayed so that I missed getting a bike at spin…grrrr).

Anyway, it was enough to make me finally go to Autozone and get a new headlight on the way home from work.IMG_1749[1]


Thanks to Joe, I am back in business!IMG_1752[1]

I made a delicious dinner last night: baked chicken tenders, asparagus and cheddar noodles!IMG_1750[1]IMG_1753[1]

In other news…my dad and stepmom are flying in tonight to visit for the weekend!! They have never been to visit us in Denver and never really spent any time here at all, so we are pretty excited!! Lot’s of fun stuff planned 🙂

Also…big game this Sunday…I know I live in Denver, but GO PATS!!

Who will you be cheering for this weekend?

6 responses to “Friday Randoms

  1. gah have so much fun this weekend, guests are always the best!

  2. Have so much fun with the fam! I am so glad you got that headlight fixed!

  3. I’ve never herd of cheddar noodles, sounds tasty. Have a last this weekend!

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