Avalanche safety training!

The weekend was so intense, I needed another day to recover before posting. 😉  If you didn’t read Friday’s post, I will catch you up.  Joe, our friend Mike, and I took an avalanche safety course with Boulder Mountain Institute….. let’s recap!

Joe and I got an early start on Saturday and headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park. We were meeting our guide, Rob and our friend Mike in a classroom at the YMCA.IMG_1714[1] IMG_1715[1] IMG_1716[1]

We started by going over a lot of the basics and what’s great about Rob’s company is that they really focus on teaching you how to be informed and knowledgeable enough to make the right decisions and hopefully avoid even being caught in an avalanche at all.

We learned a ton in the morning and then headed into the snow in the afternoon to apply our new skills.IMG_1734[1]

Lots of pit-digging and snow analyzing helped us understand what is going on with snow layers, weather, wind etc….all the crazy conditions that Colorado has which can lead to potentially dangerous avalanche conditions.IMG_1735[1]

Completely exhausted and heads bursting with knowledge (and terror – haha) we ended the day, planning to meet in the classroom again the following morning.

Joe and I checked into our hotel and then had dinner at one of the only restaurants that was open! Estes Park is basically a ghost town in the winter!IMG_1730[1]

The next morning we were back in the classroom learning about search and rescue.  After some semi-grim learning we headed back into the field to practice.

I didn’t get any pictures on Sunday because having my phone on can interfere with the signals from our beacons….so you will just have to imagine a lot of running around in the snow, shoveling and searching…tiring!!IMG_1717[1]

It was an awesome experience and I feel much more prepared (and a little scared – haha) to keep doing the things Joe and I love to do in the backcountry! Thanks again Rob!!

**If you are thinking of any sort of guided trip in Colorado, I highly recommend going with Boulder Mountain Institute. Joe and I have done several things with our guide, Rob and we always walk away totally happy and impressed! Check them out if you are in the area!

6 responses to “Avalanche safety training!

  1. That sounds like quite the adventure!!

  2. That is so awesome. So glad you guys are smart and safe with all your adventures=)

  3. So glad you got this training with all the crazy stuff you do!

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