I am so excited for winter break!!! I am at work today (teachers only) finishing up report cards and odds and ends, but I get to wear yoga pants and that makes me happy.

I also get to find out who my secret santa is! Here’s a look at the fun gifts I’ve been getting all week!IMG_1556[1] IMG_1547[1] IMG_1555[1]

Joe and I are dog sitting again, so we get to come home to this cute face tonight 🙂IMG_1560[1] And lastly, my work Christmas party was last night and luckily it was downtown (walkable for us) at one of my favorite breweries…Wynkoop! Good food, good drinks, and everybody in good moods…turned out to be a pretty fun time! I only took one blurry food pic…sorry – was busy having fun!IMG_1557[1]

Joe and I are snowboarding tomorrow and then doing some finalizing of Christmas stuff!

What are you up to this weekend?

7 responses to “WINTER BREAK!

  1. Happy Friday! So fun that you can wear yoga pants to work today 🙂

  2. Nothing beats being able to go to work in your yoga pants!

  3. I love secret santa, those gifts are perfect for a teacher. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with joe snowboarding!

  4. First of all… where are you snowboarding (remember I live vicariously through you!)
    Second, i saw that brewery when I was there in Nov and i really wanted to go but we instead had an entirely paid for food/drinks deal going on Katie Mullens Irish Pub!
    My weekend?– i have my sister coming home(!!!!) and hope to do a semi longish run-first one in a looong time!

  5. Yay for you that you’re on Christmas break! I remember how great that felt to be able to have some time off. Hope you have a blast snowboarding!

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