cold days = delicious dinner


We still have a lot of Thanksgiving leftover’s around here, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it last night.  So, I grabbed some fish on the way home and made a completely un-thanksgiving meal.

Soy-peanut salmon with teriyaki noodles and brussels! YUM!IMG_1450[1]

It was perfect on a frigid night…when I said it was cold here, I wasn’t kidding!IMG_1451[1]

Obviously these cold temps require pie.IMG_1449[1]

We were hoping to go snowboarding this weekend, but I’m a little worried about how cold it is…maybe we will just stick to getting a tree and decorating the apartment instead 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?

4 responses to “cold days = delicious dinner

  1. OK that is just too cold. Who am I to complain about NY winters when I keep seeing the beyond frigid temps out west?

  2. Girlfriend now that is some serious winter weather! This weekend I am cooped up due to a winter storm….but I am so thankful for my apt gym so I can get out for a bit and run!

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