Friday Food Fun: Sharsti’s Taco Soup

It’s Friday!!! I, for one, am pretty stoked that this week is coming to an end. Only 2 days of teaching next week then Thanksgiving break!!!!IMG_1300[1] IMG_1302[1]

It’s been COLD and snowy in Denver the last couple days, so what better way to warm up than a big ‘ol bowl of taco soup?! I used the lovely Sharsti’s recipe and it turned out really tasty!IMG_1298[1] IMG_1299[1]

In other news….last night was the Girls on the Run banquet which was a lot of fun! It was great to see the ladies all dressed up and enjoying the celebration. Plus, you know I love free food πŸ™‚IMG_1303[1]

This weekend will consist of a lot of errand running and taking care of odds and ends…also a lot of prep work and shopping for Thanksgiving!

What are you up to this weekend?

10 responses to “Friday Food Fun: Sharsti’s Taco Soup

  1. May have to steal a few ingredients from that recipe for my chili (ish) tailgate food for tomorrow. Nothing screams football game warmth like hot hot soup!!

    And I am jealous of your snow. I LOVE running in the snow! Enjoy next week!! almost there!

  2. Ahh I can’t believe thanksgiving is next week! We hot snow too but bit as much as you guys are. Glad you liked the soup:) have a great weekend!!

  3. I am just not ready for snow! I am hoping for a mild winter. That soup looks good even to me and I am soooo not a soup eater.

  4. I could get down with that soup right now! Cold and rainy here!

  5. Soup on a cold night is so perfect! I made a big batch of chicken soup last week and have been enjoying it almost daily. Now I need to make another soup recipe for this week!

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