date night mix-up and cold climbing

This weekend was a busy one (as usual).  Joe and I had a date night planned for Saturday – he had gotten tickets to the showing of a Warren Miller film (extreme skiing movies) and we were super pumped to check it out.IMG_1278[1]

We headed downtown and stopped for dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. Salmon and chicken for the win!IMG_1274[1]IMG_1275[1]

Then, we walked to the theater…..but when we got close, we noticed the whole thing was dark and there didn’t seem to be any signs of life!  A quick look at the tickets and we realized we were there on the wrong night!! haha- it’s actually this coming Friday! Ah well….IMG_1276[1]IMG_1279[1]

We ended up meeting up with a friend for a little bit back in our neighborhood.  The next morning we headed to Golden to spend some time on our favorite crack.IMG_1291[1]

We didn’t stay long – it was FREEZING and super windy….not the best climbing conditions. We headed into the town of Golden for a quick bite to eat. Salad bar and portabello sandwich hit the spot!IMG_1288[1]IMG_1289[1]IMG_1290[1]

Another good weekend that just felt WAY too short.  Getting excited for some upcoming vacation time next week 🙂

How was your weekend?

10 responses to “date night mix-up and cold climbing

  1. Ha Ha, how funny that you misread the date. At least you already know what you’ll be doing on Friday 🙂

  2. That food a making me so hungry for dinner food… It’s only 8am lol

  3. I still can’t believe I haven’t tried Goldfish on my salads yet..I need to do that!

  4. That is hilarious! Definitely something that would happen to me and my beau! I love that pic of you two!!

  5. Favorite crack- haha! I love rock climbing. Sounds like a fun date!

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