This was my second season coaching Girls on the Run at my school and it is always such an awesome experience. 

Sunday was the big race. The girls work hard all season to prepare for the 5k in Washington Park. There were over 2000 girls running! I took the “fastest” group, which really just means the ones who can run the whole time. IMG_1259[1]

I only had 2 girls and by the end one had dropped back to a run/walk group, but we kept about a 10 min mile the whole time. Totally fine with me as this was the most I’ve run in the last 4 months! 

My girls!

My girls!

The weather was perfect and the course was great. One water station at mile 1.5  was just enough and there was an awesome post race expo to grab some free stuff 🙂

All in all it was a great time and our team did so well – couldn’t be more proud!

Do you coach a team or volunteer anywhere?

10 responses to “GOTR 5K

  1. I’m sure they loved having you as their coach. I’ve been wondering, how’s your injury btw?

  2. Wow that is so so cool! Speedy little girls too:) I volunteer and I coached girls at my church volleyball last week!

  3. That is so much fun! So glad you got to run a bit with your girls!!!

  4. What fun! I would love to do something like that!

  5. So proud of you… Keep inspiring those girls! You are a fabulous role model 🙂

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