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Gobble Gobble

How was your Thanksgiving?

Joe and I decided to make the whole big dinner ourselves and it turned out great! I’ve never done it all before and I haven’t eaten turkey in many years, but I decided this year was the one.

We started the day off with an awesome 5 mile trail run around Green Mountain.IMG_1387[1]

Then we scooted home to get the bird in the oven! Joe took care of most of the preparation because a large dead bird kinda freaks me out. hahaIMG_1384[1]

Once it was in the oven, we relaxed on the balcony with some beers – it was a gorgeous 55 and sunny in Denver 🙂IMG_1388[1]

A lot more cooking and eating snacks happened over the next few hours while we waited for the turkey to cook. IMG_1414[1]IMG_1397[1]

After about 6 hours of cooking, our turkey was done and everything came together! IMG_1408[1]IMG_1407[1]

It all turned out SO GOOD!! And, I guess I am back to eating turkey! IMG_1410[1]

We didn’t even eat dessert, so I still have a whole pumpkin pie in the fridge and a TON of leftovers, so we will be eating Thanksgiving feast for the next week! I already made a leftover sandwich for lunch today 🙂 IMG_1413[1]

PS – the day was made even better when I got a text from my brother and his wife with this picture of my youngest nephew 🙂 IMG_1380[1]

Looks like I’m going to be an Aunt again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How was your holiday? Anyone out shopping for black Friday?