Monthly Archives: October 2013

a hard decision


You have probably figured out by now that I will not be able to run the NYC Marathon in a couple weeks. I really put off the decision to defer as long as possible, but there is no way after not running for 12 weeks that I can pull off 26.2 in 17 days.

I am disappointed. This is the #1 most important race to me. After the Hurricane Sandy cancellation last year when we were in great shape and ready to run, this year was even more important as it was our first year having moved away from NYC. Joe has also deferred with me so we can run it together next year (he’s the best 🙂 )

My hip is doing a lot better, but it’s still not quite ready to run (soon though!). There is a little bit of relief knowing I don’t have to rush my recovery now and I can make sure this thing is really ready to come back strong.  We have some really exciting Spring/Summer races on the radar (including an ultra!) and I will just look forward toward those.

Thanks for all of your support with this injury over the last couple months – your advice and encouragement really helped keep me going. Here’s to NYC in 2014!