Ruby Jewel Yurt

Hi everyone! Sorry I fell off the map for a little while. Work and life has been totally crazy! I do have to update you on the amazing-ness of last weekend.

For Joe’s b-day (which was last month), I planned a little weekend getaway in the mountains.2013-10-25 16.29.48 2013-10-26 10.37.26

We stayed at a Yurt in the woods and did some snowshoeing and hiking. It was incredible and we can’t wait to go back! I’m just going to photobomb you for this post…enjoy! 2013-10-25 16.40.10 2013-10-25 16.58.16 2013-10-25 19.45.39 2013-10-25 23.38.31 2013-10-26 10.37.10 2013-10-26 14.28.14 2013-10-26 15.24.36 2013-10-26 13.59.32 2013-10-26 12.15.30 2013-10-26 16.56.42 2013-10-26 23.35.12 2013-10-26 20.53.08 2013-10-27 11.37.30

Great times!!

Have you ever stayed in a yurt??

14 responses to “Ruby Jewel Yurt

  1. SO AWESOME!!!!! Ahh this is probably my dream birthday. I did something very similar in New Zealand and it was such a great time!!
    You guys look happy! Happy Birthday belated birthday joe!

  2. Looks amazing…I figured you were busy but was wondering where you were! I know how crazy life can get that keeping up the blog can sometimes be so difficult.

  3. I never have, but it looks beautiful!! I love the pictures, what an adventure:)

  4. This looks so cool!! What a fun trip!

  5. You guys always go on the best trips!

  6. Never even heard of a yurt until today but now I know!! Looks like an amazing time!!

  7. That looks so adorable! What an awesome birthday vacation! Snowshoeing – that seems like it’d be so hard??? No?? Yes? 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • It actually is pretty hard…especially since this was all uphill and a really steep grade. We didn’t have our snowboards like we usually do so the way down was much slower. haha

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