I joined a gym

Well, my injury frustration has finally driven me to bite the bullet and join a gym.   

I started with a 3 day pass to the 24 hour fitness by work.  I really liked them because of the prices and the fact that they have 5:30am classes almost every day.


yesterday’s hilly bike ride

I have to wake up at about 4:15 in order to get there and squeeze in a workout, but I am loving being able to go before work…it literally makes my day 100 times better.

They also have a pool so I can start swimming/water running which will be nice and gentle on my hip. 

In other news…we have a new pal staying with us for the next 5 days! This is the exact breed of dog (greater swiss) that Joe and I are planning to get next summer, so we are considering this weekend a bit of research.IMG_1076[1]


Dinner last night was a pretty good concoction…sprouts shells and cheese with roasted zucchini and imitation crab….extra cheese on top and baked….IMG_1077[1]

perfect comfort food for a cold night in Denver!

PS – yonana + crushed grahams = awesome!IMG_0984[1]

Do you have a dog? What are you up to this weekend?

13 responses to “I joined a gym

  1. Yay I’m glad you’re able to workout before work, such a great feeling!
    I don’t have any dogs I’m not a huge fan but my husband is. So I’m sure we will at some point lol

  2. Yay! And so happy that you joined 24 🙂 I am a little bias 🙂 I’m sure you will love it!! That looks like a really nice one too!!

    I am going to have to try that shells/crab dish!

  3. The gym was a fabulous idea! And swimming is so great for you and gives a fabulous workout. I hope you are up to running soon.

  4. The yonana graham cracker treat sounds awesome!

    And yay for joining a gym! One of these days I will visit my school gym… Swimming would be a ton of fun 😀

  5. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    The gym will be really fun, even if the price tag isn’t! 🙂 Can’t wait to see how swimming goes! It really is therapeutic for the body, I swear, any time my body doesn’t feel a right, a solid swim makes me feel so much better. Maybe it’s in my head and I’m dumb. Let me know lol.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yay for the gym! What a nice looking pool… I really want to get back into aqua jogging. It is a great workout and 100% gentle!! 🙂
    No dog yet, but that is on my to-do-list when I move to Denver 🙂

  7. I love 24 hour fitness! I used to go there when I lived in Oregon. Great gym! Awesome that there is a pool!!!

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