WIAW + Workouts #63

It’s the first Wednesday in October!!!! Holy guacamole! I’m actually surprised at how fast September went given it was my first month back with the kiddos! Anyway, let’s get going with What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: apple crisp yogurt + grapesIMG_1065[1]

Lunch: shrimp summer rolls

there was a second one, but I ate it before I snapped a pic!

there was a second one, but I ate it before I snapped a pic!

Dinner: take out = shrimp green curry!IMG_1070[1]

Snacks: IMG_1069[1]


  • sunday – hiking & rock climbing
  • monday – rest + massage
  • tuesday – 30 mins elliptical + abs
  • wednesday – 45 min hilly bike + arms + abs
  • thursday – spin + abs
  • friday – swim?!?!?!
  • saturday – rest

Who’s excited for October?? Anyone have any big races coming up? (tell me – I need to live vicariously through you!!)


12 responses to “WIAW + Workouts #63

  1. Aren’t Nature’s Path Organic bars awesome? I have the pumpkin spice ones in my pantry now. So good!

    p.s. How is your injury doing, girl?

    • I haven’t seen the pumpkin one, but I will be on the lookout now !

      the hip is getting better, but still not great – I can walk without pain which is a plus, but been off running for 9 weeks now 😦

  2. I’m running a half at the end of this month! Apple crisp yogurt? I wish I saw that when I was at the store, sounds so good!

  3. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    curry is amazing and i miss it so much! i don’t know if i’ve ever had green curry though – looks wonderful! SWIM!!! YOU SHOULD SWIM!!!! OMG!!!!! SWIM DO IT!

  4. My son likes those squeeze applesauces – I also just bought a squeeze chocolate pudding that is all natural, minimal ingredients, I really need to mention it on the blog lol

  5. I love shrimp summer rolls and peanut sauce. So good!

  6. Well fall is definitely the season for races so I have some tricks up my sleeve. I hope recovery is continuing to go well for you! Love the eats too!!

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