Horsetooth Resevior

This weekend was jam-packed with activity and fun! Early Saturday morning, Joe and I headed to the Fort Collins area to do some climbing/camping/exploring.  We got there, snagged a great campsite and then hit the rocks!IMG_1051[1]IMG_1062[1]

We climbed for a couple hours on Rotary Wall and then went to pick up some essentials 🙂IMG_1064[1]

We decided to hang out and play some cards for a bit before getting the fire going.DSCN0340[1]

Eventually we got hungry, so Joe set to work getting the fire going and I did a little dinner prep. There wasn’t much for me to do – I had gotten everything mostly ready at home. We tried a new camping recipe for black bean chicken chilli and it was SO GOOD!! I will definitely be making this again 🙂DSCN0345[1]DSCN0349[1]DSCN0356[1]DSCN0363[1]

We hung out by the fire for a while and then called it a night. The next morning we had a quick breakfast and coffee, packed up camp and headed back to the rocks.DSCN0399[1] DSCN0401[1]

This time we went to a new area which involved quite a bit of hiking. Luckily the hip held up ok!

After we were totally exhausted, we headed into the town of Fort Collins to grab a bite to eat. We ended up at Coppersmith’s Pub and Brewing and I had an amazing grilled chicken and brie sandwich.IMG_1063[1]

We also walked around Old Town Fort Collins for a bit and obviously took a pit stop at a HUGE candy store…heaven!IMG_1058[1]IMG_1059[1]

All in all, another great weekend in the books! How was yours??

14 responses to “Horsetooth Resevior

  1. What a gorgeous camping spot! I wish I was as adventurous as you are. I love camping but don’t go often and when we do we bring half our house!

  2. What an awesome weekend! Love your idea of the chili so easy and looks delicious!

  3. As always I love to see the photos from your adventures. I love that you made chili while camping! You have to realize just how awesome it all seems coming from a New York perspective lol.

  4. so fun! I really miss camping

  5. Your life is so much cooler than mine haha
    Looks like a blast!!! 🙂

  6. The chili looks marvelous!

  7. What a fun weekend. I haven’t been camping in so long – I guess I’ll just have to live vigorously through you.

    Question: how did you like the smore’s gold fish?

    • ya know….they are just ok.
      I like the graham and chocolate fishes, but there are also little marshmallow ones that I don’t like (kinda like lucky charms marshmallows).

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