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WIAW + (non) workouts #62

Hello and happy Wednesday to you! Sorry I have been MIA this week…it’s just been a busy one! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday party!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: pumpkin yogurt + appleIMG_1031[1]

Lunch: leftover veggie bagel sandwich from EinsteinIMG_1029[1]

Dinner: easy peasy tuna sandwich and sweet potato friesIMG_1030[1]

Dessert: yup…it’s fall 🙂IMG_1032[1]

Workouts: There’s not been much going on lately. Some rock climbing and bike riding…abs every now and then. Really missing running. This Sunday will make 8 weeks off, but the hip is still a little achy, so I’m not sure this will be the weekend to try running again either….just going to keep on healing 😦

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!