cats & dogs

It has been raining in Colorado like the world is ending! I am talking serious flooding, people evacuated and sadly killed kind of rain. It’s a total zoo out there!

half of my kids didn’t show or left school early yesterday and I could barely get home because of road closures. School was cancelled today, so I am home and dry – taking care of some things that need to get done! Take a look at some of the pics from yesterday!

This one is just 2 blocks from the school I work at!

And speaking of cats and dogs…look who has come to stay with us again until Monday! Our little puffy friend Bunny! She’s a sweetheart, so we are pretty excited to have her to cuddle with again 🙂IMG_0945[1]

What do you have planned for the weekend? Stay safe if you are in Colorado!!

2 responses to “cats & dogs

  1. Wow! That’s crazy, we’re getting a bunch of rain too but I haven’t heard of flash floods yet. Stay safe and warm:)

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