B-day on the rocks

Happy Monday- how was your weekend? Last week was so hectic and crazy, I’m pretty glad it’s over!

Yesterday was Joes Birthday!!!!!! We all know I am a huge fan of b-days so I was pretty excited. We took it easy Saturday because we had a big day of climbing planned for Sunday 🙂 We did get some things done that needed doing. New coffee maker from Bed, Bath & Beyond (ours died months ago, so it was way overdue!), lunch at Cherry Cricket, REI…etc.IMG_0934[1]

We woke bright and early and per tradition (2nd annual) I had a muffin with a candle ready 🙂 Forgot to take a picture til after Joe ate half! IMG_0896[1]

Then, it was off to Boulder to meet our climbing guide, Rob. Joe and I climb a lot, but we only top-rope (hike to the top, set up ropes, hike back down, then climb)…it takes a lot of extra time and energy! We have really wanted to learn how to lead/trad climb (set anchors as we climb), so we hired Rob to teach us!        

You may remember Rob from last winter – he took us out into the back country to teach us about avalanche safety and how to snowboard in the back country – he’s pretty cool and basically has the best job ever.

Rob took us to a really cool area in Golden called Lookout Mountain – and luckily it was shady since it’s still about 100000000 degrees in Colorado right now.IMG_0923[1]

We learned so much and had an amazing time! Perfect way to spend a b-day if you ask me 🙂  Afterward, we headed to Woody’s for a quick beer and some hummus.IMG_0922[1]

Then, it was back to Denver and we met up with some friends at Denver Beer Co. They knew it was Joe’s b-day and somehow he ended up wearing the Birthday sombrero! ha! IMG_0929[1]

It was an awesome weekend and a great celebration!

What did you do this weekend?

12 responses to “B-day on the rocks

  1. Happy bday joe!! You def spoiled him, such a fun weekend for you both!

  2. The birthday sombrero is epic! Looks like a great wknd!

  3. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    What a cute little birthday celebration! Happy birthday to your man! Looks like a fun weekend indeed! I still can’t get over how cool it is that you rock climb… One day I will too!

  4. How awesome! I’m pretty scared of heights but that still looks so fun! It only makes sense to follow it up with a beer!

  5. so glad you had a great weekend! looks like a freaking blast

  6. Happy Birthday to Joe! Looks like it was a fun one!

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