Happy Friday! I survived the first week of having the kids back in school. They are pretty cute, so it’s not too bad 😉

Joe and I are off to NYC on a red-eye tonight!!! I CANNOT wait – we just hit our 9 month anniversary of moving to Denver, and this will be the first time we’ve gone back.

We are going to be there for a wedding on the Jersey shore, but definitely taking some time to meet up with friends in the city….so excited!!!!!

What are you up to this weekend? Any big labor day plans??

21 responses to “NYC BABY!

  1. Have SO much fun!! NYC is the best!

  2. Have a great flight! I will be in the city on Sunday – email me if you end up out and about in Manhattan during the day!

  3. Parttyy!!! Have fun girl 🙂

  4. I had just wanted to peak in and say “Hi!”! After finding my way from the name links on one blog comment’s section to the next, I finally found myself here! 🙂 I’m loving your blog so far….While I’m a Pennsylvania native, my hubby and I strive to make at least one day-trip into NYC, at least once a year. My absolute fav is around fall or Christmas time. Nothing beats the ambiance of all the attractions in NYC. Everything from taking in a show or two and Rockerfeller Center (the big Christmas tree/ice skating/etc).

  5. Hope you guys had a fabulous trip!

  6. Can’t wait to read how your weekend went! Sounds so fabulous!!

  7. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    Yay for cute kiddos and YAY for your NYC trip for a wedding! 🙂 Looks like it was a blast (IG stalker right here)!!

  8. i loved stalking your insta for all your NYC pics! Hope you leg is feeling better!

  9. SO JEALOUS! NYC is such an amazing city! I hope you’re eating so much food 😀

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