2 quick things

This has been a crazy busy week, so I am just popping in to tell you about to awesome things.

1. This guy (Jed) who arrived last night will be staying with us til Sunday!!



2. Last nights dinner of seafood stuffed salmon with quinoa and kaleIMG_0759[1]

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

14 responses to “2 quick things

  1. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Hope Jed gives you lots of lovin’! Oh, and some good meals are always a plus! Did you make the dinner? That salmon looks great!

  3. I need that salmon in my mouth right now! haha…YUM!!

    Yes to that stuffed salmon – is there a recipe? I love salmon so much!

  5. Aww, have fun with the pup!

  6. That dinner looks AMAZING!! I want to have that tomorrow and probably will!! Stuffing the salmon is genius! I see that at Earth Fare and Whole Foods all the time but have never purchased it. No time like the present!

    Have fun with that adorable dog!!

  7. Last nights dinner looks amazing! I’ve seen that in restaurants but never thought to make it at home. Yum1

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