no long run-day Sunday funday

Another weekend has gone by with no running. 😦  So…had to fill it with something, right?

The good news is I went on a bike ride and it didn’t hurt! I only biked about 12 miles, but it felt so good to actually sweat!

After biking I tried out a new hair salon..gotta take care of the roots! Had a couple inches chopped off too!IMG_0728[1]

Joe and I headed to a dinner party at a friends that night. Good food, drinks, friends and pictionary!  It was a great night!IMG_0745[1]

Sunday was an errand running day. Fueled by Starbucks, we headed to the tailor to get Joe’s suit fitted a bit better.IMG_0737[1]IMG_0738[1]

We ended up having a late lunch at a favorite neighborhood spot and then ended the evening with playing cards at Denver Beer Company.IMG_0744[1]

We took our little furry friend to DBC with us since it was our last night with her before she headed back home.IMG_0743[2]

I miss her 😦 BUT – we are dog sitting a new dog this weds-sun…can’t wait!!

All in all another low key weekend. No running in the near future for me, but I got another massage last night and I am going to a doctor today to get this injury figured out! Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious!!!!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any pets?

18 responses to “no long run-day Sunday funday

  1. As always, you’re in my prayers. Fingers crossed that your appointment goes well and nothing big is wrong.

    On a happier note though, it looks lie you had a great weekend w/ your man!

  2. Good luck with a speedy recovery! Thank goodness you can still bike/ be active in other ways. I know it’s not the same thing – but I’m sure it helps!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! Hope your appointment brings good news for you!

  4. I love Pictionary! I am so about to text my friends and tell them we are playing asap haha.
    P.s. I had to laugh at you only biked 12 miles. That is quite the ride!

  5. Keep us posted on the doc! Looks like you had a fun fun weekend though!! Speedy recovery vibes my friend!!

  6. Glad you’re taking it easy!
    It’s about time for me to get my roots done too! I look a hot mess… 🙂
    Those eats and drinks look delish!

  7. No pets… but I will be getting a dog as soon as I move out west! I need a running buddy 🙂
    This weekend I did a longish run (sorry, don’t mean to rub it in 😦 ) and worked more on moving into my apartment!

    It feels sooo good to get your hair done! And Denver Beer Company sounds marvelous!! — YAY for 12 mile bike ride! Hang in there!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! And biking is awesome- you can cover so much ground! 🙂

  9. I hope you are feeling all better least you can cross train – so not the same but it can always be worse. I try to look on the bright side always!

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