I was waiting a few extra days to write about this situation because I was hoping to tell you all some better news…however there hasn’t been much improvement in the situation.

Basically, running is causing me extreme pain in my lower right back/hip area. I can push through the pain and finish runs like I did the last 2 weekends, but then I am in so much pain I can barely walk for the days following.

I’ve spoken to my sister (the Doctor) and it could be any number of things. Among those are a pinched nerve and a bulging disk. She suggested I get a massage to see if that alleviated any pain, so I went last night!

It did alleviate a little pain and my whole body was knotted and tight anyway and totally needed it. I really do need to make massage more of a regular priority!

Unfortunately, I think the only thing that is going to help is rest. Most of you know I don’t really have the time to rest right now since the NYC marathon is in less than 3 months. 😦

I have never really had to take more than a week or two off for n injury during training, but it seems like this may take a little more time and I am completely freaking out! Not to mention that I can’t really do anything active right now because it hurts and I don’t want to make the situation any worse.

Here is my plan:

  1. stretching & yoga
  2. foam rolling
  3. another massage next week
  4. heating pads IMG_0676[1]
  5. epsom salt baths
  6. bike/elliptical when ready

I guess that’s the best I can do…any other recommendations??

Have you ever had a frustrating injury when it’s crunch time during training?

15 responses to “injured

  1. I actually had to DQ myself from a half marathon once. I got to the 2nd mile & just knew I couldn’t go on. It sucked, but you know.. there are so many other races that you’ll have the chance to run. Keep resting girl & know you’re in my prayers. I’ll be wishing you a quick recovery ❤

    • I am still trying to stay positive that I will be able to run this marathon. I’m only a couple weeks into training, so hopefully this will heal and won’t set me back too much.

      I know there are plenty of other races, but I was suppose to run NYC last year and it got cancelled…so running this year is even more meaningful. I think I will walk it if necessary!

  2. Ugh! I have been thinking about you…I am hoping that just a couple of days of rest and then gradual elliptical work can lead you back into short, slow runs…Remember I dealt with that horrendous shoulder injury the week before the Fitness Half? It was terrible – I know how you feel but proper rest should still give you ample time to prep for NYC. Eat your anti-inflammatory foods – sweet potatoes galore plus berries and quinoa and cherries, I really do believe in the power of food!

  3. The heating pad idea is great! My chiro is always telling me those help with lower back issues. All of those preventative measures will help you…the one thing that’s going to heal you the fastest is REST. I know it sucks and there’s no way to sugar coat it so just take this time to relax, spend time with your loved ones/friends, and take care of yourself! At the end of the day that’s all you have and that’s what’s most important. Positive energy your way and hugs to you!!

    • Thank you thank you- I appreciate the thoughts and suggestions.
      I need to take a deep breath and relax and realize that rest is what I need the most…just sucks 😦

  4. I really hope that things start going better for you! Injuries can be SO frustrating :(.

  5. bahhh I am frustrated and hurting for you!! But I can tell you that I took 4 weeks ENTIRELY OFF ((i could barely walk)) from such bad shin splints this summer… and when I came back to running, it only took about 2 weeks to get my endurance back to where it was. I have no doubt that you will be like too because you are allready in SUCH great shape! Your body will easily remember the whole “oh so we are running again! ok I can do this!” haha

    in terms of recovery, just keep heating/stretching… and to keep myself “sane” I would literally just do as many push-ups/planks/sit-ups/squats/leg lifts/bridges/ or whatever DOESN’T hurt it!!! Maybe one of those is fine?! You can become a pro at some of those if that is all you work on for a while 🙂

    And keep venting tp us if you need to! Gotta let it out sometimes! No problem with that! 🙂
    Have a good night!

    • Thank you!! It does make me feel a lot more hopeful hearing about your 4 week hiatus…I remember that, but didn’t realize it was a full 4 weeks! Hopefully that is the maximum I would have to rest, but I guess we will see.

      I have been doing so much abs and planking this week that my upper body/core are SO SORE! haha. I’m hoping at some point next week I will at least be able to bike or elliptical!

      Thanks again for the good thoughts – really means a lot!

  6. For my last two marathons I was out because of stubborn injuries. Both were preventable (IT Band & Really really tight groin that made me think I had a pelvic stress fracture) so to say I am scared to sign up for another marathon is an understatement. The best thing I can suggest is stretch, foam roll and heat. All of those really helped me come back to running quickly 🙂
    Hope you feel better!

    • Thanks so much! Those IT bands are such a pain in the ass! I have to miss a 1/2 a couple years ago because mine was so tight (horrible knee pain!). Even went to PT for a while to try to fix it.

  7. I was waiting for you to write more about your injury. I’m so sorry. I totally feel your pain, literally! I’m so sorry that this came during training, that is the worst! i hope the massages keep helping. I hope both of us are healed sooner than later! prayers going your way!

  8. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures

    Oh no girl…. I knew I was going to see something like this, though I was hoping it’d be improved too… I am so so sorry!! I know how active you are and this must be hurting a lot… At least you’re starting school back up so there’s something to keep you distracted. I think your plan of recovery sounds AWESOME and I wouldn’t stress about missing some of your training. I missed a chunk of my training for my marathon because I was injured and it ended up causing me no issues (other than a slower finishing time, but WHATEVER!!). I hope your weekend goes well and continue resting – that’s the smartest thing you can do!

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