last weekend of freedom

I am back at work today….ahhhhh….I cannot believe the summer is over. Super sad, but I still have 3 weeks of training/prep before the kids come, so I am easing into it. IMG_0655[1]

We made super last minute plans over the weekend and headed to the mountains on Saturday morning. We didn’t get there until about noon, but had a 14 mile run around the lake planned. It was really hot, then rainy, super hilly…and at 10,000 feet elevation, it was a serious push. Not to mention the unknown injury situation that has popped into my life recently. This run was not fun.  IMG_0650[1] IMG_0653[1]

Every step was pretty painful and I probably shouldn’t have run at all, but I will tell you more about that later!IMG_0651[1] IMG_0652[1]

After running, we checked into our hotel, took an ice bath and then walked to downtown Frisco to meet up with our friends for drinks & dinner. We went to a really cute Italian place where we shared a meat and cheese plate. I also had a delicioso Rocky Mountain Trout. IMG_0656[1] IMG_0657[1]

After dinner we walked to a divey bar to play some pool….I lost….badly….haha.IMG_0658[1] IMG_0659[1]

Sunday morning, Joe and I had planned on climbing, but I could barely put weight on my right leg without being in extreme pain 😦 So, we canceled those plans, grabbed some breakfast and headed back to Denver. IMG_0661[1] IMG_0662[1]

The rest of the day was spent being pretty lazy and catching up on odds and ends around the house.

How was your weekend? 

16 responses to “last weekend of freedom

  1. Injury? Oh heavens! I can’t believe you were able to knock out those 14 miles w/ being in such pain. Praying for a speedy recovery!

    p.s. Joshua beats me in pool too 😦 lol

    • I know, I am pretty bummed right now. Hoping it is something not so serious that will heal quickly, but it’s not looking like that will be the case. I don’t really have any wiggle run to take time off training for this marathon…..really frustrating….

  2. I am sorry about your twinge/injury thing…seriously keep rehabbing it and don’t worry about missing a run or two…it’s better to hold back that push thru it. I know how it feels though. I’m glad you did an ice bath that will certainly help!!! Good luck starting back with school!!

  3. I feel for you! All my teacher friends are back at it and ouch – their leisurely summer schedules are being missed a whole lot right now!
    I am aching for you and your injury my dear…. I really hope you get through that because I know how much of a bummer those can be.. I can’t play pool at all so even if you lost, you still played.
    GIRLY! I hope your leg feels better, ahhhhhh. <3<3

  4. Aww I am so sorry!! Nothing is more frustrating! That ice bath was a great idea though and I am sure helped…

    Can I just say that Frisco, CO is my favorite place in the US maybe? Rocky Mountain Coffee Co, Boatyard Grill, Log Cabin Cafe… then of course in Dillion you got Dam Brewery… ya basically LOVE summit county 🙂 Jealous that is just a “drive” for you guys!! One day I WILL live there… determined!!

    Hang in there with that injury… I am so sad for you! Hopefully it is just an over-use injury and some rest will heal it!

  5. Oh no, how is your leg? Rest it and cross train, I am sure it will feel better in a few days

  6. Your breakfast looks SO good! I swear, sometimes the simplest things are the tastiest!

  7. Rebekah @ fitnesscreatures

    Crazy that you were able to run that full 14 miles with an injury! RICE, girl 🙂 If I ever put a ball in a pocket, it’s sheer chance, never skill. I ran 10 this weekend and still want to cry because my calves hurt so bad. Where the eff did the summer go??

    • I know…it was probably a really bad decision to run on my part…I just have trouble accepting that my body needs rest over training. I am on full REST and RICE now.

  8. haha his face going into the ice bath is priceless, I used to do the same face!

  9. Haha his face! Priceless 😉 Congrats on the run! 🙂

  10. Wow very impressed that you kept running! Good idea with the ice bath too!

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