3 exciting things + dinner

Yesterday was such an exciting day! First, a package from Joe’s Mom came.IMG_0635[1]

LOVE LOVE LOVE Kind bars….so much deliciousness…so many varieties….IMG_0636[1]

Then a “back to school” package from my Mom came!IMG_0637[1]

New work clothes and some fun supplies!!Best moms ever!!IMG_0638[2]

I also found out on Instagram (follow me @lishdiver) that 3 of my favorite runners will be running the NYC Marathon again this year. They will be miles and hours ahead of me, but it’s still really cool to think of them pounding the pavement in the same race 🙂IMG_0628[2]IMG_0629[1]IMG_0630[1]

For dinner I was inspired by a meal I had recently at a restaurant. I grilled teriyake mahi-mahi and placed it over cous cous with a tomato, mango, avocado topping. Broccoli on the side….turned out really good!IMG_0622[1]

And of course, it had been way too long since I had fro-yo…so a walk to the one across the street at 10pm was totally necessary 🙂IMG_0640[1]

What’s exciting in your life lately?   Do you ever try to replicate a meal you get at a restaurant?

14 responses to “3 exciting things + dinner

  1. OMG sweet mamas indeed! that is so cute that they sent those to you guys. 🙂 I just tried a kind product for the first time and it’s their gluten free granola – i am DIGGING it!! SO YAY!
    I love that you get to run your marathon with some of your idols -that will be such a memorable experience!
    I do copy meals from restaurants and I can usually make them better too! 🙂

  2. So sweet of both of your mamas to give you some goodies! You are going to have too much fun at the NYC marathon! What an amazing first full marathon experience!! I am so excited for you 🙂

  3. oh my gosh I would LOVE to be running a race knowing that KARA GOUCHER was somewhere “just up ahead…” I just love her. She seems so real and personable…. haha very cool for you to be running in the NYC marathon 🙂

    yummmm mahi mahi…

  4. You got all kinds of fun stuff!! Lucky you!!

  5. Getting packages is so exciting! Especially when filled with yummy food and new clothes! Score!

  6. I wish I could find mahi mahi near me, such a good fish

  7. My mom still buys me work clothes, too! Yay for cool moms!

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