You guys have to go to Wyoming

HELLO!!! Sorry I have been away for a while, but I was living it up in the great state of Wyoming!  **warning…you are about to be photo bombed**                         IMG_0523 IMG_0522 IMG_0525

There are some pretty boring desserty parts of Wyoming, but where we staying (in and around Jackson Hole) was absolutely mind blowing. Seriously. Go there.

My mom and aunt got in on Wednesday morning and after a quick breakfast, we picked up the rental car and hit the road. It was about a 7 hour drive from Denver to where we were staying that night.    IMG_0510

The next day we had booked a white water rafting trip in Grand Teton National Park. We had planned on going to Yellowstone, but it was a little far and we just didn’t have the time, so stuck with Grand Teton.     IMG_0541 IMG_0461

The rafting trip ended up being a float because the water levels are so low this season, but it was still fun and absolutely beautiful scenery! IMG_0482 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0497

After rafting we had a drink at the lodge before heading into Jackson Hole for dinner.                                           IMG_0459 IMG_0509 IMG_0468IMG_0443 IMG_0492 IMG_0504IMG_0491

Friday morning I went for a short 4 mile run and once again enjoyed the scenery 🙂IMG_0508


Friday was the big family thing we had to attend so that took most of the day, but after we headed back to Grand Teton NP to check into the ranch we were staying at for the night…how cute is this?IMG_0527 IMG_0526 IMG_0582


We had dinner, walked around and played some pool before calling it a night.IMG_0535 IMG_0538 IMG_0540

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to get to the stables…horseback riding day!! So much fun!!  IMG_0559 IMG_0562 IMG_0563 IMG_0567

After riding, we grabbed a quick lunch and hit the road to head back to Denver. It was a long drive, but we had great music and broke it up with a stop for dinner in Rawlins, WY at a really funky place with the largest menus ever created.   IMG_0558

It’s a good thing I started eating chicken again recently because Wyoming is not the most vegetarian friendly place. haha.

Sunday we slept in a little bit and just hing around Denver. My mom and Aunt left in the wee hours of the morning taking a red eye back east…I miss them already!!

It was such a fun trip and I cannot wait to take Joe back to Jackson Hole!!

Have you ever been to Wyoming/Jackson Hole? Do you like or hate road trips?

18 responses to “You guys have to go to Wyoming

  1. I haven’t been to Wyoming since 8th grade, and now I want to head that way as soon as possible. I can’t believe I forgot just how beautiful of a state it is.

    Glad you, your momma and sister had such a perfect little get away together.

  2. ahh your pictures are beautiful!! glad you had a great time

  3. The only Jackson Hole I have been to is the Jackhole Hole burger place in the city- which has been my fave since I was a little girl lol. Amazing photos once again, looks like you had a great time!

  4. So cool that you got to stay at a ranch! Beautiful photos. I love horse back riding. Glad you had such an awesome trip!!

  5. What beautiful views! Looks like a good time!!

  6. Wyoming is gorgeous! I love the look of that ranch!

  7. Never been there, but it looks gorgeous!

    And I LOVE road trips, sea trips, air trips, I just want to be moving all the time! 🙂

  8. Ahh that looks like such a fun time!! I have never been out west (sadly) and there are sooo many places on my ‘to go’ list…I think Wyoming has just been added!

  9. Oh my gosh amazing! The antler archway is crazy! Looks like you had a blast! Hope to go someday too!

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