quiet weekend

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was unusually quiet…if you’ve been reading for a while, you know that Joe and I make full use of our weekends, usually heading to the mountains to enjoy some of the outdoor activities we love. This time he went on a work trip, so I was home alone.


My weekend consisted of an 11 mile run Saturday morning. IMG_0409[1]

Some pool time.IMG_0400[1]

Farmers market.IMG_0410[1]

And, lot’s of lazing about watching bad TV and reading. Plus, some delicious green curry with shrimp!               IMG_0411[1]

My mom and Aunt get here Wednesday morning and we are heading up to Wyoming for a few days for a family thing. Can’t wait to check out Yellowstone Park!

How was your weekend? Anybody else get a long run in?

16 responses to “quiet weekend

  1. Looks like a great weekend! Mine was ok…with a HOT rough n tough 18 miler but I am definitely looking fwd to my man being here this upcoming wknd 🙂

  2. pooltime, what looks like a scenic route for a run and farmers market = win!

  3. It sounds like you had a great and relaxing weekend…the perfect kind!! 🙂

  4. I love a good and quiet weekend. That’s an awesome run that you had lady! I love the camelbak – I can’t believe I’ve lived life without one for SO long! Curry FTW, always!
    I had a fabulous long run on Saturday also but because of this crap weather, I had 0 pool time. #jealous

  5. I love green curry, I have been on such a thai kick lately! Great job on your run!!!

  6. Wow! I wish my long run was 11 miles. Good job, girl. Your weekend sounds awesome and I’m sooooooo incredibly jealous of your pool time. GA weather sucks right now.

  7. ha! My long run is 4 miles 😉
    Would you have a recipe to share for that shrimp dish? It looks awesome!

    • Oh- I wish I did…it was totally take out! I would love to try making green curry though…I would probably need to go with the pre-made green sauce though…Thai food from scratch always seems to have about 1000 ingredients that I will never use again. haha

  8. Nothing beats a relaxing weekend in… with some good food, of course 🙂 Have fun @ the Yellowstone Nat’l Park.

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