Great Sand Dunes National Park


Joe and I took the long weekend to explore a new part of Colorado and a National Park neither of us had been to! On Friday morning we hit the road heading south…about an hour into the drive we realized we forgot the tent!!!!!!!! So…we had to turn around and drive the hour back to Denver and start all over…MAJOR FAIL. We should have taken this as a sign because things Β just kept going wrong all weekend….it actually started to get a little funny.IMG_0298

We stopped for lunch in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Mountain Brewery. I had the fish taco’s which were really good. Unfortunately, I left my new favorite jacket over the back of the chair and didn’t realize it until we were about 30 minutes down the road again…aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! I called an spoke to the hostess who said she had it in her hands and would put a note with my contact info on it and I could pick it up on Sunday when I passed back through Colorado Springs. Sounded perfect (more on this later).IMG_0300IMG_0377

It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive to our campsite by the park. There is normally a beautiful lake right there, but it was completely dry because of how little snow they got over the winter 😦 boo!!! The views of Great Sand Dunes National Park were outstanding though!IMG_0307IMG_0309 IMG_0299

We set up camp right before dinner time and then got started prepping some food and building a fire. We made foil packet meals again – this time with brussels, red skinned potatoes, and BBQ’d chicken – turned out really good!IMG_0304IMG_0313

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then jumped in the jeep to head to the park. We found a great (ie- super steep!) trail to go for a little run on. We headed straight up for about 2.5 miles before turning around to run the 2.5 down. Felt good to be back on a trail – this was the first time since Leadville last weekend. Β Β IMG_0330

After the run- in my usually clumsiness- I tripped on a cactus!! what?!?! Don’t ever do this! Spikes went through my shoes and socks and lodged themselves in my toes….it did not feel good!IMG_0333

We walked around the dunes a bit….there is usually a beautiful river flowing right at the base, but this too was really dry because of the winter snow pack. None the less- the scenery is just mind boggling…so many different landscapes in one place!IMG_0337 IMG_0343 IMG_0338

After stumbling across some new friends, we found a good spot to make some lunch. Pasta primivera for me! You’d be surprised, but these dehydrated meals are actually quite tasty!IMG_0340 IMG_0359

IMG_0349 IMG_0350

After lunch we headed back to our campsite. There was a Ute coming to perform and give a talk around the bonfire. We showed up a little late and they had to relocate to just a tiny fire near the ranger’s station. The winds were pretty hire and the fire danger in Colorado is out of control right now. It was pretty cool to listen to him talk and watch him dance!IMG_0374

After watching the Ute, we built a fire and made some dinner – easy peasy veggie burgers this time. Unfortunately it started raining while we were eating, so we had to kind of shovel it in really quickly, clean everything up and rush into the tent before we got totally soaked!

Sunday morning we had breakfast and packed up the campsite. Then we headed to a Lathrop State Park about an an hour back toward home. It had a beautiful lake and I was in need of some swimming time!!IMG_0379

We picked up lunch on the way and had a picnic by the water when we got there. Then, it was time to lay in the sun and play in the water!IMG_0381 IMG_0382

After a couple hours, we got back on the road…next stop- picking up my jacket in Colorado Springs…..remember, it was suppose to be waiting there with my name on it right?…..well, after lots of searching, they couldn’t seem to locate it. They also didn’t even seem concerned that they completely lost (or one of their employees stole) my brand new $130 jacket. Can you imagine how pleased I was? Joe has since written a scathing email to the company and I can guarantee I will never return to that restaurant. IF YOU LIVE IN COLORADO- DO NOT GO THERE!!! I am pretty much still irate and it’s been 2 days. Ugh….anyway….

The rest of Sunday was spent being lazy on the couch….pretty delightful actually πŸ™‚

Have you ever had an experience like I did with my jacket? What did you do?!?!


17 responses to “Great Sand Dunes National Park

  1. One word- gorgeous! What an experience!

  2. If tripping over the cactus didn’t feel good, you definitely don’t show it. Look at you smiling and all, Ha Ha!

  3. bahhh i am mad over your jacket!! i would be so annoyed and angry!! I am so sorry!
    What BEAUTIFUL pictures! I cannot wait to move to colorado (in 1.5 years…) my favorite state with so much to do!!

    • I’m still mad about it too! Stupid restaurant!! Yay for you moving here though….1.5 years goes so quickly…and them maybe we can hang out for real!!

      • fabulous!!! yes next December I am a commin’ to Denver!!!!! I am hoping the job will just sort of fall into place once there haha….

  4. Dude I’d be livid about that jacket – seriously??!?!?!?! I hope they do something to make up for it! Be an angry consumer until they do! If I ever get to Colorado I think I’ll go there and be a terrible toward them! Or just not go at all! Haha! We are on strike!
    More importantly, aside from lots of things going wrong (I’d be so flustered) the views were amazing and that scenery is just out of this world stunning. I dream about being able to hang out in places like that. Super envious. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for going on strike with me! I am still livid. We are writing another email tonight if we don’t hear back. errrrr!
      The scenery was pretty out of control…you gotta come visit sometime! πŸ™‚

  5. I am upset for you regarding the jacket. Just terrible! I would be cray wild, firing off every possible email and phone call to alert the world of my dissatisfaction! I promise to never go there should I come to Colorado!

  6. Gorgeous views! Now looking at that pic I want some fries πŸ™‚

  7. Aww that stinks! My husband and I left our camera in the bathroom at Disney a couple of years ago and when we went back after 5 mins of remembering we left it there it was gone. Sorry you lost your jacket. Colorado looks beautiful!

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