Leadville or bust!

My mom is on her way!!! She was a little delayed this morning, but not too bad.

Time Flight Terminal More Flight Information ►

Depart:7:10 AM  8:00 AM
Arrive:8:10 AM  8:59 AM

Joe and I spent our evening at the Jeep dealership last night, but the good news is, we got to bring home this beauty!!! IMG_0143[1] IMG_0142[1]

He is super excited to have his own new car (we have been sharing mine since moving to Denver – wasn’t really an issue in Manhattan 😉 ) So, now he can drive in comfort to work instead of taking the train and (hopefully) my old jeep will last a little longer without all the miles from our weekend trips.

I’m not fully packed yet, but I’ve started laying things out.     IMG_0144[1]

Joe is working today, so my mom and I are having lunch with Stella and hanging out in Denver. Our friend Marc’s flight gets in this afternoon, so eventually we will all convene at my apartment and head up to Leadville. I don’t think we will get there in time for packet pick-up tonight, but we can do it in the morning before the race too.                              

Nerves have pretty much kicked in, but I know they will be at full force tomorrow. This is it people…HERE WE GO!!! Check in on instagram for all the happs!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday with a recap!!!

6 responses to “Leadville or bust!

  1. Good luck and have an amazing time! I will be thinking about you!

  2. Thanks!! I will get in as much watermelon as I can today 😉

  3. yayayaya! You’re gonna do a great job!

  4. Sooooo excited for you guys! Good luck and I’ll def be stocking you on instagram=)

  5. GOOD LUCK and have so much FUN!! I am so excited for you chica! Rock it!!

  6. Good luck & have the time of your life!!

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