chowdah!…. legs and abs

Every summer growing up, I would go to my family’s lake-house in Maine and my step mom would make the WORLDS BEST clam chowder. A couple years ago, I started making it myself when I wasn’t there and while it never quite tastes as good as when my SM makes it, it’s still a little taste of Maine no matter where I am.

Yesterday I had the time and decided I would whip up a batch of the creamy goodness.                                                     IMG_0092[1]

I can’t reveal the recipe as it is a family secret 😉 But just know I had the most delicious dinner last night!IMG_0094[1]

I also finally watched a movie that everyone else has probably seen, but I have been meaning to get on board for months. LOVED IT! Watch it if you haven’t yet!IMG_0095[1]

And, do this new workout from Tribesports! The V-ups are killer!!

Do you have a particular food from childhood that brings back awesome memories?

19 responses to “chowdah!…. legs and abs

  1. Oh, that chowder looks so good! I can’t remember the last time that I had clam chowder? I’m on my way to your house! 😉

    My mom makes this super old school tuna noodle casserole with condensed soup and canned tuna and it was my FAVORITE growing up.

  2. Girl, I just watched that movie too and I loved it! My roomie didn’t, so much, nor did my boyfriend, but it really resonated with me. Glad you got to see it! Doesn’t it make you love Jenifer Lawrence even more than before? And Bradley Cooper? And Robert DeNiro? Haha! 🙂 I can’t drool over your clam chowder because I don’t like clam, but I love creamy and that stuff looks good and creamy! Glad you enjoyed!
    Food from childhood full of memories would have to be tuna fish sandwiches. It’s what I ate almost everyday in elementary school! I still love them today, but don’t enjoy them as frequently.

    • Oh man….you cannot beat a good tuna sandwich! I may have one for lunch today now!
      I probably couldn’t love Bradley Cooper anymore without being a stalker, but I totally love Jenifer Lawrence even more- she was so good in this!

  3. love chowder and …. i haven’t seen SLP yet. *ducks head in shame* i’m so behind on movies. like, years behind. haha.

  4. Silver linings playbook is great! I enjoyed it.

    The chowder looks fantastic! Mail me some 🙂

  5. Certain foods from places like Zabaars (which I know you must remember from living here!) bring back childhood memories since my grandparents lived in the city and we were always there picking up for them. Just smelling certain items from there bring me right back to being a kid.

  6. Oh my goodness I did v ups the other day and they about killed me! So good though!

  7. I’m so tempted to try and save that first picture and zoom in really really close to try to see the recipe in the background! Haha 😉

  8. I was just talking about clam chowder yesterday with some friends. Love it but haven’t had it in ages! I should have stopped to get some last weekend when we were on the coast! Can’t believe i didn’t even think of it!

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