Happy Hour Crag

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

Joe and I took things way easier than normal, but it was probably very much needed. And, there was actually NO RUNNING at all. We had planned a trail run, but it just didn’t end up happening..and I’m surprisingly ok with it.

Saturday we slept in and got a slow start…so slow that when we got to the farmer’s market we wanted to go to, they were closing down! OOPS…farmer’s market fail    😦

But we stumbled upon a street fair (pride weekend) and strolled around that for a bit.   IMG_0065[1] IMG_0063[1] IMG_0062[1] IMG_0064[1]

We laid low for a bit after that, then headed to dinner on the rooftop of Vita.  IMG_0066[1] IMG_0067[1] IMG_0068[1] IMG_0069[1]

Sunday morning involved sleeping in AGAIN! 2 days in a row?!?! what?!?! But, after an energy packed breakfast, we hopped in the jeep and headed to BoulderIMG_0070[1]

After a bit of searching, we found the rocks we wanted to climb….Happy Hour Crag 🙂                                              IMG_0076[1]

We hiked to the top to set up our ropes, then scrambled back down to get going. DSCN0336[1] DSCN0335[1]

This wall wasn’t super difficult (5.8), but there were some REALLY tough spots that I was yelling at the whole time. haha- yes, I yell at the rocks when they don’t cooperate.  IMG_0075[1] IMG_0080[1] IMG_0078[1]

The views from the top were just a little amazing 😉DSCN0332[1] DSCN0331[1] DSCN0333[1] DSCN0334[1]

We stayed on Happy Hour Crag til the early evening when we were finally exhausted. Then, it was off to our favorite brewery in Boulder, Walnut, for a quick bite before heading home.                IMG_0082[1]


I am definitely sore today from waking up some muscles that haven’t been used in a few months, but it felt soooo good to be back on the rocks again!

How was your weekend? Any races? Any climbers out there??

10 responses to “Happy Hour Crag

  1. Sleeping in is totally necessary sometimes. I approve of your decision to do it two days in a row and only wish I was as smart as you to make those kinds of decisions. 🙂 Yay for getting a pickle, haha, if I know nothing else about you, it’s that you have an undying love for pickles. ROCK CLIMBING! Ah! I was on a team in middle school and high school and loved it! We never did anything legit like that though, and wow to those views! I am jealous, and I won’t ever stop telling you that! 🙂 I tried to rock climb a few years ago after not having done so for years and I was sore for almost a week straight. So awesome.

    • You definitely know me and my pickle obsession 🙂
      Rock climbing is so much fun (and a little scary at times). That’s awesome that your school had a team for it!! You should definitely give it another try and get out on some rocks. We use to climb in NY a lot, but this was our first time out since moving to CO…loving it!

  2. Rock climbing counts as exercise 😉 Sounds like a marvelous weekend and as always excellent eats!

  3. A pickle on a stick? How seriously awesome is that?? 😉

  4. Sounds like a blast! (and a workout haha!) Love the pickle stick 🙂

  5. jessielovestorun

    I’m pretty sure I would tumble down every rock I attempted to climb, Ha!

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