Yonanas, a summery dinner + a contest!

One of my amazing b-day gifts from Joe’s mom was this awesome contraption. 960 Have you seen these before?? I have been dying to get Yonanas, so you can imagine my excitement when it came in the mail…I couldn’t wait to try it out!   IMG_0033[1]

It’s so easy and simple to use. Basically you just push in frozen bananas and whatever other frozen fruits you want to use. There are tons of different recipes that use chocolate and other things as well. I decided on bananas and raspberries.  IMG_0034[1]

Then this beautiful machine delivers out soft serve fruit!! Totally tastes like sorbet, and I love that it’s all natural with no extra sugars or additives.IMG_0035[1]

Ergo…I had to add some little pieces of chocolate to mine. 😉 Joe absolutely loved it and declared that he has now found the way to get all of his servings of fruit each day 🙂

Since it’s been about 12,000 degrees here lately, I have no desire to turn on the oven, and I have been making some delicious summery themed meals. Last night it was tuna sandwiches on whole wheat rolls with asparagus & red skin salad (a new creation!)                                                                   IMG_0046[1]

Tribesports just released a new challenge and this one is also a contest!

There are 12 chances to win and prizes include things like puma sneakers, Tribesport t-shirts and much much more!I just entered and am going to give this workout a try today! click the image below to enter!

Take the Challenge to enter the competition!
Improve your Power with the Power Legs Workout. Beginners follow the green dots, Intermediate follow the yellow dots and Advanced follow the red dots
You will perform the set number of Jumping Lunges, Burpees, Jumping Squats and Knee Drives to get yourself a pair of Powerful Legs!
2 sets for Beginners and Intermediate but 3 for Advanced – are you ready for it?

Have you tried Yonanas? Will you enter the Tribesports competition??

14 responses to “Yonanas, a summery dinner + a contest!

  1. I make banana softserve in my food processor and it’s SO good! It really does remind me of ice cream. I like to add peanut butter to mine 🙂

  2. Whaaaaaaaat?! I have never heard of Yonanas but that sounds awesome.

  3. I have never tried Yonanas but it reminds me of that Chloe’s Fruit place in the city lol. I used to have a frozen yogurt machine thingy that you added ice cream/yogurt and toppings and it made it all come out as soft serve. Very cool!

  4. I love that contraption, what an excellent birthday gift! omg! 🙂 that looks so good! You posted parts of that meal on instagram and that potato salad with asparagus made my mouth water. yum! Those moves with tribesports look super challenging, even the easy level. ouch!

  5. Yonanas are so awesome, i need one! That seriously looks so delicious and seems so quick.

  6. I’m obsessed with frozen banana ice cream! I just made some last night with cocoa powder, a little stevia and nuttzo. I use my food processor though but would love to try the yonanas!
    The tribesport challenge sounds fun! Heading over to check it out!

  7. I am so jealous you got a yonanas. I have wanted one for a while, can’t wait to see your creations

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