WIAW + workouts #48

Hello Hello! Is anyone else having an insane heat wave this week? It’s been around 100* everyday in Denver and in Colorado in general leading to some very scary wildfires.

My thoughts go out to all of those effected by the fires right now. There is a devastating one right where Joe and I camped a couple weeks ago. Big Meadows in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here’s what it looked like when we were there: DSCN0152[1]

And here’s what’s happening now….:(  Really Scary!

Hopefully it will all get contained soon.

The heat has been around 100* everyday this week in Denver, but somehow I managed to pull this off….had to go at 7am when it was only 80* out…ugh.


I filled my camelback with plenty of ice cubes in the water, which helped for about a minute- ha.    IMG_0036[1]

Now, on to more enjoyable things like What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn at PeasandCrayons!                                                                 a6aea-wiawsensiblesnackingbutton

Breakfast: half of a 9 grain bagel with cream cheese + 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with onions + avocado + drizzle of sirrachaIMG_0038[1]

Lunch: veggie burger w/ cheese + baked beans + pickle (obvi!!)                            IMG_3087[1]

Dinner: huge salad: romain, arugula, cranberries, frosted almonds, blue cheese, tomato, avocado (can’t get enough!) + salmon                           DSCN0323[1]


IMG_3084[1]IMG_0039[1]IMG_0040[1] IMG_0041[1]


Dessert: organic dark chocolate coconut bliss bar! these are delicious!!       IMG_0048[1]


  • sunday – mountain biking
  • monday – 4 mile run + core
  • tuesday – 10 mile run + arms
  • wednesday – rest (maybe yoga)
  • thursday – 4 mile run + yoga
  • friday – 20 mile bike ride + yoga
  • saturday – trail run + rock climbing


What does your workout look like today? Is it a rest day?

22 responses to “WIAW + workouts #48

  1. You’re making me crace honeydew! That stuff is so yummy! Aw, how tragic about that wildfire. I can’t imagine that kind of dry heat. All we have here in atl is this sticky and wet humidity. Today I’m at a work conference so I’m hoping to get in a good hotel gym sweat. Yipee. Your run is amazing, you have a fantastic pace!

  2. Oh my goodness! That’s crazy about the wildfire. Is it close enough to any residential areas?

    • the one I showed isn’t- totally in the back country, but there is a really big one near Colorado Springs that has consumed quite a few homes already 😦
      Joe can see the smoke from his office!

  3. Your breakfast and lunch both look truly amazing!! Yum :).

  4. Wow it is hot by you! Those fires are terrible. So terrible…I love avocado too, I could eat it at every meal (just like peanut butter lol)

  5. I did a little yoga action in my living room this morning after the run and it felt AMAZING! I think the hip openers are really important to do as you get into higher mileage.

  6. Obvi you can’t have a burger without the pickle! 😉

  7. Holy moly, hope you guys stay safe & cool over there! Those fires are crazy scary!

  8. Melon makes such a refreshing snack! Might go out and buy some this week 🙂

  9. That’s so sad about the fires! That happens a lot in UT during the summer too. Oh my gosh, your breakfast looks soooo good. I’m in love with avocados lately!

  10. Oh now I want honeydew! That looks amazing! So sad about the fires! We’ve been having some hot weather her but it’s actually cooled down slightly from last weekends 110!

  11. i love primal jerky! that stuff is bomb! also drooling over that honey dew

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