Out with a bang

Hello everyone and happy Monday to you all! How was your weekend?

We officially said goodbye to snowboard season by organizing a HUGE group of people to hang out (tailgate) on “the beach” at A-Basin.                     DSCN0226 Joe and I got there extra early to do another run up and down Loveland Pass…still not easy, but we did better than last time 🙂


When we got back down, more people had arrived, so we made a bloody mary and waited for the weather to warm up a bit.                                          DSCN0154DSCN0167DSCN0215

Once it did, a bunch of us headed up to get in a couple last runs before we officially called it for the season.                                                                         IMG_3038[1]DSCN0219IMG_3042[1]IMG_3050[1]

More and more people arrived, lot’s of food was eaten and it was just a really fun time in general.                                               IMG_3054[1]DSCN0199 DSCN0190 DSCN0209IMG_3057[1]IMG_3051[1]IMG_3055[1]

In the afternoon, we headed back to Denver and after freshening up a bit, we headed out to a local spot for more drinks and food! It was a long exhausting, but really run day!                                                                             IMG_3061[1]IMG_3059[1]IMG_3063[1]

We had plans to do something active, but Joe and I were both dragging when we woke up on Sunday. We took care of some things around the apartment and were basically just lazy ALL DAY. Pretty unlike us, but I think we needed the rest. Highlight of the day:                    IMG_3065[1]

It’s Monday and I am officially on Summer vacation!! It’s going to be HOT here today, so I am going to try to get in my run early. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

What did you do this weekend?

22 responses to “Out with a bang

  1. FUN! I love fro yo! And tailgating!

  2. yay to summer, so glad you’re all done! What a great weekend, you guys seriously know how to party. I would love to tailgate in the mountains!

  3. Pickles and bloody mary’s..sounds like my kind of tailgate!

  4. I would totally take a rest day after all that action! You guys are all so awesome with your outdoorsy-ness and good eats! 🙂 Congrats on being on summer vaca! I think that’s the only way I could be a teacher – the promise of a two month vacation every year. You guys are incredible – I don’t know how you do it!

  5. Now THAT is a jar of pickles!!! 😉 Yum!

  6. I can’t get over your Tailgating parties at the Mt. So fun! I asked my hubby if people did that in Tahoe and he said no. I think I would actually enjoy boarding a bit more if it included tailgating parties after!

  7. You’re so lucky to be on summer vacay! Looks like a fun weekend party, especially with all of the good eats! 🙂

  8. Sounds like a blast! That pizza flatbread thing is calling my name haha

  9. I hope you live up summer vaca! I wish I had one right about now

  10. oh my gosh i am obsessed and jealous of the weekend you had!! starting first with the fact that you live in Denver (moving there in 1.5 years!), 2nd that you get to hit the slopes so often (i am a ski fanatic!), 3rd that so much food and tailgating was going on (tailigating may be my favorite activity!)

    way to go on an awesome weekend!!!! enjoy your week 🙂

    • thanks! we do feel pretty lucky to live here. That’s so exciting that you are planning to move here soon! We’ve been here about 6 months and could not be happier- it’s a pretty awesome place to live 🙂

  11. jessielovestorun

    Those pretzel bites look to die for!!

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