Finally a table!

So, Joe and I moved to Denver about 6 months ago and did NOT bring our kitchen table with us. It was old and falling apart and 2 of the chairs that went with it had broken. So…it stayed behind in NY and we figured we would buy a new one when we got here…..

Well, we have been a little busy and didn’t quite get around to it til yesterday! haha. I found one online at Ikea and we made it a point to take a trip there after work.                                                           IMG_3020[1]

It didn’t look quite the same in person and I was pretty sure the size would be totally awkward in our apartment, but we got it anyway with the hope that it would work. We haven’t set it up yet, but the measurements seem like they might be perfect! Here’s a picture from the website.

BJURSTA Extendable table IKEA Dining table with 2 pull-out leaves seats 1-2; makes it possible to adjust the table size according to need.

We no longer have to eat off our laps on the couch/floor 🙂

Since we spent so much time shopping etc…I was in no mood to cook and we both agreed Thai food was the way to go. Ahhhh….green curry with brown rice. So happy I still have left overs 🙂                                                          IMG_3021[1]

Do you sit at the table to eat or are you more of a roaming eating?


16 responses to “Finally a table!

  1. I love Ikea. I can spend copious amounts of hours there without shame. It’s tragic for anyone who’s with me. Yum – curry is the BEST! I am a roaming eater. 🙂 Unless I’m at a restaurant, in which case, I chill at my assigned table. 🙂

  2. I love love love green curry! We wanted to go to Thai for memorial day, but they were closed, now I really need some! You’re table is super cute, I love Ikea!

  3. I could spend hours upon hours just browsing through Ikea! Such an addicting place, Ha Ha.

    We actually eat at the kitchen table every night for dinner. However, during other meals we park our butts on the couch 🙂

    • That’s good! Joe and I use to always do that too. We tried to make it a point to shut everything off and connect over dinners…looking forward to getting back to that 🙂

  4. love ikea! i can spend hours there buying things i don’t need. i’m so good at that.

    I eat in my room at my desk. I get home an hour before all my roommates and so sitting in the kitchen eating dinner by myself seemed weird. although writing that i eat in my room also sounds weird, haha.

  5. ahh I love Ikea! I could get lost in there 🙂 My coffee table and dining rm table are both from there!!

  6. Congrats on the new table!! Ikea is a dangerous place for one’s wallet! 😉

  7. Now that our kids are a bit older – we sit as a family. This was a tradition that my family had growing up – and I feel it is important to have that time to connect with each other – with no distractions

    • I totally agree and think it’s great that you carry on that tradition. Joe and I use to do that every evening before we moved, so definitely excited to get back to it 🙂

  8. Love the table! Ikea is always a win! We sit at our dining room table for dinners but have a small breakfast nook table where we typically eat breakfast and lunches. Although I do roam and eat or sit on the couch with my lunch and laptop a lot too 🙂

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