WIAW + workouts #45

It’s Wednesday already!!! This week is flying by and I only have one more real teaching day after today (Friday is an all day picnic at the park).

For this What I Ate Wednesday I thought I would get away from showing you my usual Tuesday eats since they are practically the same every week. So, I was really good about taking pics on Sunday and thought I would post those!

As usual thanks to Jenn for hosting the party! Let’s get started 🙂

Peas and Crayons

Pre-Run Breakfast: whole wheat toast with peanut butter, banana and chiaIMG_2959[1]

**followed by 15 mile run 🙂 **

Post-Run Snack: pear flavored chobani (first time trying this flave..not my fave)                                                 IMG_2962[1]

Lunch: black bean burger with feta, caramelized onions, sweet potato fries + beer IMG_2966[1]IMG_2964[1]

**followed by a long flight with no snacks 😦 **

Dinner: balsamic wasabi ahi tuna on bed of tomatoes with asparagus – made by Joe!!                                                                                                             IMG_2970[1]

Dessert: chocolate almond toffee from kilwins in Michigan 🙂 YUM!      IMG_2971[1]


  • sunday – 15 mile run
  • monday – rest
  • tuesday – abs, legs, arms
  • wednesday – 8 mile run
  • thursday – 20 mile bike ride (to and from work – weather dependant)
  • friday -4mile run
  • saturday – hiking

Check out the latest workout from Tribesports...it’s a killer!

Parkour Body Armour


17 responses to “WIAW + workouts #45

  1. Sweet potato fries are my FAVORITE!!! I love your hearty meals… they are not some measly salads– yummy substantial meals! I really need to work on this… you have given me great ideas!!
    Awesome looking week for your workouts!! have a great day 🙂

    • I tend to eat a lot more when I am training hard for something (obviously) haha. I usually eat salads everyday for work at lunch actually, but they are usually packed with a million different things 🙂
      You have a great day too!

  2. jessielovestorun

    Oh no, no snacks for the plane??!! At least you had a delicious dinner with a beer before you boarded!

    • haha- I know! I was pretty full from the veggie burger, so I lasted pretty well. i almost always pack snacks, but knew joe was making me dinner so wanted to be hungry! 🙂

  3. I have’t tried cooking tuna like that but boy does it look tasty

    • it is soooooo good! Tuna is expensive, but every now and then you have to splurge. and the cool thing is it only takes like 1.5 minutes per side on the grill!

  4. YAY for a Sunday day of eats! Awesome job on that 15 miler, seriously cool. Love it!! And followed by a day of deliciousness, too!! 🙂 What a good day of food! I love tuna cooked like that and yours looks so delicious!

  5. Oh my gosh, every single thing about your lunch looks awesome!!

  6. Woohoo look at those workouts lady! Way to rock it! Love the PB and nanas on toast!

  7. That looks like a fantastic day of eating. I love eating greek yogurt after a workout, soo satisfying.

  8. Your lunch looks delicious. I really want to make black bean burgers- they sound good!

  9. Your dinner looks incredible! Then again, so did your breakfast and lunch! Your workouts for the week looks intense! Good luck! xx

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