zoo time

Just a quick pop in to say hello and happy Tuesday! Today is our first grade field trip to the zoo!! Woohoo! I thought I would throw a little situation appropriate running motivation at ya 😉

run like an animal motivation thumb Motivation and Music Monday–Recovery Songs

have a wonderful day and follow me on instagram @lishdiver for some exciting animal pictures today- haha.

12 responses to “zoo time

  1. Have fun at the zoo with all your crazy kids! I’ll be checking out your day via instagram=)

  2. Love your picture today! Have a fabulous time on the field trip! Woo!

  3. aww have so much fun with the little munchkins at the zoo!!

  4. My son’s school doesn’t do the fun trips like we used to. I remember going to the zoo (although I never liked it because I always said it smelled lol). Have fun1

  5. Oh looking forward to seeing some cool animal pics! I love the zoo. Have a blast!

  6. I loved seeing all the animal pictures! Especially the giraffe, love those guys!

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