just flying some helicopters

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Did you have a good Mother’s Day? Unfortunately, I couldn’t be with my mom, but I will see her on Thursday night when I fly back to Michigan! This is for you mom! IMG_2821[1]IMG_2864[1]

We had another great and jam packed weekend here! Saturday morning, I was up nice and early to head to City Park for the Girls on the Run 5k race.              IMG_2838[1]IMG_2842[1]

It was a beautiful day and my girls did so awesome! I was incredibly proud of all of them 🙂                                                                IMG_2841[1]

After the race, Joe and I packed up the car and headed to Colorado Springs. We had a plan to run up Pikes Peak. We didn’t quite get in the mileage we wanted, but it was so steep that at times you felt like you weren’t even moving forward! This was by far the hardest uphill I have ever done.      IMG_2845[1]IMG_2844[1]

on the way back down

on the way back down

After the run, we headed to nearby Fort Carson to see our friend Nick who had flown in from Kansas. He flies these massive things for the army:           IMG_2853[1]He was able to show us all around the base and we even got to climb into some of the helicopters! Really cool 🙂                                            IMG_2857[1]IMG_2856[1]IMG_2850[1]IMG_2852[1]IMG_2855[1]IMG_2849[1]

We stole Nick away from the base and headed into downtown Colorado Springs to get some dinner. Phantom Canyon Brewery was a really cool little spot with great food!                                                                                                                    IMG_2858[1]

ale and gouda soup

ale and gouda soup

quinoa & barley salad

quinoa & barley salad

We stayed out waaaaaay to late that night, but had so much fun 🙂IMG_2862[1]

Joe looking very tired.....

Joe looking very tired…..

Sunday we had planned to snowboard again at A-basin, but woke up a little late and very sore from the previous days run. We had breakfast in Colorado Springs and decided to head back to Denver.                                            IMG_2865[1]

After a little resting time, I headed across the street to meet up with a bunch of friends at Denver Beer Company. We played Cards Against Humanity which is pretty much the best game ever.                                                                IMG_2870[1]IMG_2871[1]

It was such a beautiful evening, so Joe and I grabbed some stuff and headed to the park for a picnic! I didn’t take any pics of our picnic food, but veggie burgers were cooked on the camp stove and a plethora of chips and salsa was consumed.                                              IMG_2872[1]

not really sure what I was looking at. haha

not really sure what I was looking at. haha

We capped the night off with a stop for some fro-yo. All in all it was a fantastic weekend full of friends!

How was your weekend? Ever been on a helicopter?

18 responses to “just flying some helicopters

  1. I have never flown in a helicopter, sounds like a blast though. You had one jam packed weekend – always a good thing.

  2. What? So awesome that you got to go in a helicopter! Those are huge.

    Girls on the Run sounds like such a great organization. Glad the race was successful and fun. 🙂

    I’ve never played Cards Against Humanity but I’ve heard it’s like an older version of Apples to Apples which I love!

  3. What an awesome weekend! So glad the race went well, those girls look so cute! Seriously, you’re weekend sounds like it went perfect and you did some awesome things. I would love to go on that beautiful hike!

    • It would have been much more enjoyable if we were hiking! haha- running it was pretty miserable. but the views were great and the rest of the weekend was a blast!

  4. Your weekend sounds awesome! That run/hike up the mountain looks like it was gorgeous and challenging! That’s the best combo! Barley and quinoa salad? Sign me up! Those helicopters are insanely huge and bulky, how do they even fly???? I’ve never been in a helicopter nor do I ever desire to be in one – they scare me! 😦

    • The salad was awesome! It seems completely insane that those helicopters can get off the ground. They weigh something like 26,000 pounds (and thats totally empty)!

  5. Glad the run went well and that the girls had fun!

  6. I’d love to ride in a helicopter. I’ve parasailed before and that was pretty cool!

  7. That sounds like a BLAST! As does that 5k 🙂 Happy Monday girl!

  8. Wow! Definitely an awesome weekend! That hill run looks insane! Way to go!

  9. jessielovestorun

    Can you and Joe be any cuter? What a neat experience w/ the helicopters.

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