New shoes


Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday was the last GOTR practice before the big 5k race tomorrow…I am super excited!!IMG_2826[1]


After work I came home to some more excitement…..IMG_2827[1]

My new Newton’s had arrived! I waited about .2 seconds before lacing them up to take them out for an inaugural run.                                                   IMG_2828[1]

Newton’s are very different from other shoes and making the switch from my Adidas Boston’s (which I have been running in for years) was a pretty tough one. But, I after this first run, I am convinced I made the right choice.

From the Newton website:

Most running shoes utilize passive cushioning like EVA foam, gel or air that lose energy as they are engaged. Like a mattress, these materials flatten under your body weight over time.

With Action/ReactionTM technology, you will immediately experience a highly responsive and engaging cushioning that protects and loses less energy with every step you take. Some people have described our cushioning as a “trampoline,” only more fun.

Newton Running shoes are designed with a minimal “drop” – or height difference – between the height of the heel and the ball of the foot. A more level-to-the-ground platform positions you to support a natural running motion.

Pretty cool huh?

Dinner last night was simple but good- tuna sandwich on whole wheat toast with some avocado and brussels on the side 🙂                                      IMG_2829[1]

I am pretty stoked about our plans this weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about the GOTR race on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

What kind of shoe do you run in? What do you have planned for the weekend?

16 responses to “New shoes

  1. I run in Asics gel kayuno 19s and I LOVE them. I have a 5k planned for Mother’s day! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. jessielovestorun

    Yay for new shoes, and a good and quick dinner!

    I run in asics.. always and forever.

    • It’s kind of crazy how attached we get to our running shoes, right? I was actually really nervous about making the switch from my boston’s….almost didn’t go through with it! haha

  3. Good luck on your race! I’m so excited for you and all the cool kids that get to run it! And awesome shoes!!

  4. Newtons take time to get used to but they are great shoes!! I have been wearing them and racing in them for years!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I really like the colors of your new shoess. I hope they’re a good fit for you!

  6. I’ve heard those are awesome shoes…. Sounds like it! Good luck at your race!! I use Adidas Boost, which claim to have similar technology with the bounce back thing in them, but who really knows…. 🙂 I’m running the Electric Run tomorrow night, can’t wait!

  7. I switch back and forth between a few different pairs of shoes.. Some Asic Gels and Nike Free Runs mainly but am in need of a new pair!
    Have fun at the GOTR run tomorrow! So cool!

  8. Wishing all of the girls a wonderful run! Enjoy the news sneaks…I have been liking my new Brooks Glycerins after my major Asics issues but I still miss my rainbow Asic Gel Nimbus 14. I am a total princess and the sneaker. It is never easy for me to find the right shoe and once I do, they either change the model on me or a new pair of same model just is never the same lol. Yes, I am slightly insane.

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