best work week ever

Most people just celebrate teacher appreciation day…well, luckily at my school it’s a week long celebration! We have been getting little surprises all week and they continue through Friday!

Yesterday the parents provided us with a lovely breakfast! I forgot to take a picture, but I will show you the other things I received in the morning.     IMG_2822[1] IMG_2824[1]

Around 10am, I got a call from the office saying I had a delivery…HUGE SURPRISE!!!!  Joe is basically the best boyfriend ever and sent these to my co-teacher and I!!!IMG_2823[1]

Later in the day we had more treats in our mailboxes!              IMG_2816[1]

Today is our last Girls on the Run practice before the big 5K race on Saturday!!!

How is your week going? 

12 responses to “best work week ever

  1. Oh my gosh, Joe is so sweet and so are your students. Looks like you are very loved. This week has been great!

  2. Love that you are getting spoiled this week! You deserve it!!

  3. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 🙂

  4. Awe that’s so fun! I miss teacher appreciation week! The parent’s club used to make us all lunch and deliver it to our classrooms. One year they actually made us all dinner to take home! So awesome! Our principal always made us treats too and she was THE BEST cook ever! Miss my little school sometimes 😦 Glad you had a great week! You deserve the appreciation!

    • Thanks! It’s pretty nice! We are getting a huge lunch tomorrow and have been provided with breakfast twice this week 🙂
      That’s pretty nice that you got to take dinner home!

  5. I love when special occasions last more than one day. 24 hours aren’t enough! Especially being appreciated as a teacher, it makes doing your job that much sweeter and enjoyable.

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