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Friday Food Fun: The Real Dill & Uber Sausage

A while back, you may recall my entering a spicy pickle eating contest hosted by The Real Dill. You can read about it HERE.

Well, after blogging about it, they were kind enough to send me the awesome gift of a jar of their brand new creation!                                                    IMG_2989[1]

They are SOOOO good and I am probably going to cry when the jar runs out. That will be a sad sad day 😦

Anyway, Joe and I were back at Denver Beer Company last Friday and decided to check out a new to us food truck.

The Über Sausage

These guys have a couple of shops in Denver and since Joe was starving, I insisted he get a sausage.                                                  IMG_2988[1] IMG_2987[1]

They specialize in gourmet sausage sandwiches, so they can be served on a baguette, in a wrap, or in a salad! Joe got one on a baguette with all kinds of deliciousness, but I forgot to take a picture….so here’s one from their website 🙂          

They also have lots of veggie and fish options in their stores, so I can eat there too! If you are in the Denver area, I highly recommend you check them out!

AND!! As if that wasn’t enough for today, I would like to clue you in on a little recipe contest Tribesports is having! So, all of you super (way more than me) creative chefs and bakers out there get cookin’!


How to enter the competition?

Add your favourite healthy recipes to the Cooking and Recipe Swap Tribe – extra points if you can get a photo of your dish. We want your family’s secret recipes, your best imaginative money stretching recipes, your special occasion recipes – any recipe which you want to share. Dinners, breakfasts, brunches, lunches and snacks all welcome to enter this competition!

Hello Fresh Box

Any UK recipes entered between 29th May – 4th June will be judged and the winner will receive 1 vegetarian or meat/fish Hello Fresh box (3 meals for 2 people) at a value of £36 – £39 and Tribesports Tshirt

ALL UK USERS CAN CLAIM £20 OFF YOUR FIRST HELLO FRESH ORDER – Now that’s a deal worth sharing!

Any non-UK recipes entered between 29th May – 4th June will be judged and the winner will receive a Tribesports Tshirt

Read the full T&C here

So what are you waiting for? Get sharing your recipes and may the best chef win!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!