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Spring Riding

Joe came home on Friday, so after I scooped him up at the airport, we had a sushi date. The picture doesn’t look very good, but the sushi was awesome!                  IMG_2717[1]

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to A-basin for some spring snowboarding. It was a gorgeous blue bird day with temps suppose to reach the 50’s! IMG_2718[1]IMG_2720[1]IMG_2722[1]

We had so much fun riding and I am in love with my new board 🙂 IMG_2721[1]IMG_2724[1]IMG_2726[1]IMG_2727[1]

When we were officially exhausted, we headed back to the parking lot, which becomes a huge party in the spring. Everyone is grilling out and playing music. The front part is called “The Beach” and our friends had a spot reserved on it, so we stopped by for a little while.                                        IMG_2728[1]

Then we headed to our car to make some lunch and have a beer! Veggie burgers on a little camp stove taste so much better 🙂IMG_2739[1]IMG_2740[1]IMG_2741[1]

It’s also fun to people watch – there are a lot of costumes and craziness going on. IMG_2737[1]

When we got back to town, quick showers were taken and we headed to the brewery across the street to meet up with my work friends. It was still really warm in Denver, so we were able to sit outside. Random fireworks suddenly went off above my apartment building…weird, but cool!

IMG_2732[1]It was a long, but awesome day and Sunday was even better! But, I will save that for tomorrow 🙂

How was your weekend? What did you do?