you ran where??

Here’s post #2 from the weekend…sometimes you just need 2 posts! 🙂

After such an awesome Saturday at A-basin, we kind of wanted to go back on Sunday….but we have this big scary race coming up that we also need to train for. We had planned on a 9 mile trail run in Boulder followed by some rock climbing, but came up with a new plan on the drive home Saturday.

Why not run Loveland Pass?!?! It’s a long windy road (8 miles total in length that climbs through the mountains. We decided to park at A-Basin, run to the summit of the pass and then run back down and snowboard for a while. So we did 🙂


Some parts were a little scary- the shoulder gets really narrow and cars come whipping around pretty fast. We did about 6.5 miles total, but this was the first time running at such a high altitude so we wanted to see how our bodies react. Plus, the entire first half was uphill. We started at about 9,000 feet and climbed to about 11,000. WHEW!

After running, we headed into the lodge and got some breakfast.   IMG_2736[1]

Then, we got dressed and headed out for some more spring time riding. IMG_2719[1]IMG_2722[1]After a couple hours, our legs were jelly, so we headed back to the car. When we got back to Denver it was still so warm (almost 80) and there were people out and about everywhere!                                                                                IMG_2746[1]IMG_2747[1]

We decided to shower and head out for a happy hour drink. We ended up at McLaughlin’s, which is near our apartment and we’ve wanted to try. The patio was hopping! We had a beer and split the fish taco’s. Really good!          IMG_2744[1]IMG_2745[1]

We needed more food and they didn’t serve anything other than happy hour apps at this time, so we hit up a really good food truck that was parked by our apartment building.                                                                          IMG_2751[1]IMG_2750[1]

Bistro Colorado specializes in “field to fork sustainable cuisine” and you can tell there food is so fresh! I got the portabello burger and it was awesome!        IMG_2752[1]We ended the night on the couch. It was a looooong, but incredible weekend!

Do you eat from food trucks often? What is your favortie?                 

19 responses to “you ran where??

  1. That is so awesome that you guys can run together! And what beautiful scenery, seriously I want to visit Colorado!

  2. Philly has some outrageously delicious food trucks, I like to eat from a halal chicken and rice truck. It’s spicy and delicious! Your portabello looks so good, is it covered in sprouts? Yum!

  3. Food trucks are fun! I’ve only eaten at them for events since I live in a small town although apparently, we just got a few in my city here! Convenient and delicious!

  4. Gorgeous views! Looks like a Sunday Funday!

  5. Amazing scenery! There are food trucks all over the city and a few sprinkled throughout the island but I never really eat from them…they are also the rage at Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and sweet 16’s these days – you can customize what the truck serves and they come to your event. It is a fun idea and the guests love the novelty!

    • Thats a really cool idea! I would never have thought of that! it’s so funny- I lived in NYC for 9 years and never ate from a food truck! but, since moving to Denver 5 months ago- I love em!

      • perhaps they are cleaner in Denver lol – there was a report on the news that the Mr. Softee trucks and other yogurt trucks weren’t keeping up with cleaning the yogurt machines inside the trucks lol

  6. Awesome run! Love that idea. And it’s the best when your weekend is so fun that it takes 2 posts to cover! 🙂

  7. Wow! You guys are a hard core! Ummm… that food truck sounds amazing! So jealous!

  8. jessielovestorun

    It’s official, I am just in aw of your life!! I mean really, you guys do so much. I love it!

  9. Ummmm…great training for Leadville! Nicely done.

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